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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does delivery take?

    Please see more accurate shipping times by postcode here

  • How can I track my order?

    To track your order, check your order status in My Orders, by logging into your account. Log in to your account here.

    Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email containing a tracking ID number and link. If you haven’t received this email be sure to check your junk/spam folder. If you still are unable to find that email, contact our team here.

  • Can you leave my order if I am not home?

    Your order will be left attended at your address, unless specified otherwise. If the area is not deemed to be safe, the driver can use their discretion to not leave the parcel at the address.

    For Australia Post deliveries, the driver will leave a note for you to collect your parcel at your local post office. Parcels are kept at the post office for five days. You will receive another note to remind you to pick it up. It will then be kept at the post office for five more days. If the parcel has not been collected by then, it will be returned to our warehouse.

    Note: for residential deliveries being made by Australia Post, they can occur as early as 7am. For business addresses, the delivery will be made during standard business hours, 9am to 5pm AEST.

  • Can I add items to my order?

    Yes, if you would like to add items to an order that you have recently placed, you can order with Click & Collect and write in the notes to add it to your previous order. In these notes include the name and order number of the order you would like to add to.

    If you would like to add to an order 24 hours after placing the order, contact the online team to make sure it hasn't been packed yet and we can organise how to proceed with your purchases.

  • I have received my parcel and part of my order is damaged what can be done to resolve this issue?

    If an item is damaged in your delivery, you will need to contact our customer service team with a photo and details of the damaged item.

    Please email us at or  call 1300 994 120

  • Do you ship overseas? (outside of Australia)

    We are not currently shipping outside of Australia. If you are interested in ordering from us internationally, let us know and we will consider growing our store if there is enough interest!

  • What if the costume I ordered doesn't fit?

    If the costumes measurements are clearly stated online, we cannot return or refund the costume. If you believe you have been sent the wrong size or that the item has been listed wrong, do not hesitate to contact our team to investigate your claim.

Retail Store

  • Are you open late on a Thursday?

    We are open late on Thursdays, at our Erina & Gregory Hills locations. Otherwise you can order online! View our Locations

  • What are your in store trading hours?

    Please refer to our Opening Hours & Locations page for latest updates.

  • Where are your store locations?

    Find directions to our stores here

  • Which store should I visit?

    We have 5 The Base Warehouse stores you can visit across Sydney & New South Wales.

    Gregory Hills: This is our biggest warehouse, you will find anything and everything you might be looking for. Homewares, balloons, essentials, party supplies, arts & crafts, fidgets, hardware & the list goes on. This is also where most of our Instagram stories are taken from!

    Bankstown: This is our latest store (also the closest to Sydney CBD), you will find most of our stock including party supplies, homewares, arts & crafts, costumes & more.

    Erina Fair: This store is inside the Erina Fair Shopping Centre! Great for our Central Coast customers. It has our full range available such as homewares, essentials, costumes, party supplies & more.

    Menai: This is our smallest shop! You will find a limited range of homewares, essentials & more.

    Wagga Wagga: This store carries our full range of products. Wagga Wagga is the largest country town in New South Wales. You can shop all your Party Supplies, Everyday Essentials & Homewares needs at The Base Warehouse in Wagga Wagga.

  • When is the Alexandria store re-opening?

    We are currently in the process of relocating the Alexandria location. Until then find out more about our locations and opening hours here:

    If you are looking for a location with the same range as Alexandria, Gregory Hills is currently our biggest store and is definitely worth the drive. If you can’t make it out we ship orders from our online store, based out of the Gregory Hills location and is open 24/7. Your support means the world to us! Please do not hesitate to contact for any further enquiries. 

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  • Can I put an item on hold?

    If you are shopping instore, the staff at the counter can put an item aside for you with your name and details attached. We can only hold items for 24 hours and it will be put back on the floor if it is not purchased within that time.

    If you need more time or are online, we recommend using our click and collect service. Find out more about Click and Collect here.

  • Can I use Afterpay instore?

    Yes you can! We accept Afterpay instore and online for any purchase over $80.

  • Do you accept American Express?

    Yes, we now accept American Express instore and online.

  • How long will it take to receive my refund?

    Once we have received your return order, or approve a refund, your refund will be processed within 1-3 business days.

    Please note that your financial institution may need 3-5 business days to clear the funds back into your account.

    View our Returns Policy

  • Can I try on costumes prior to purchase?

    We do not have changerooms instore to try on costumes, but it is encouraged that you open and inspect your costume at the front counter before purchasing. You can hold up the costume or try it on over your clothes to check style and size, as we do not under any circumstances refund or return costume or accessory items.

  • Can I order bulk?

    Yes you can! For more information on buying bulk click here


  • Do I have to book ahead for balloon arrangements or can I get my balloons inflated on the same day?

    We recommend booking balloon arrangements 1-2 weeks prior to your event, to ensure you can pick your balloons up at the time you prefer. Otherwise we do accept walk in orders, but advise that wait times vary. Balloon orders are very busy over the weekend, walk in orders may have to wait over an hour.

  • What is the earliest or latest I can book in my balloon order?

    Earliest booking time is 9:30am

    The latest booking time is 30 minutes prior to closing time.

  • Can I get balloons the day before my event?

    If you have no time to pick up balloons on the same day as your event, picking up the day before is a great option.

    Any air-filled or helium foil arrangement will last over 24 hours and still look good for your event the next day. If you prefer a helium latex arrangement, refer to the question "How long will my balloons last?" and "What is Hi-FLOAT?"

  • Can I book balloons over the phone or online?

    No, we do not accept bookings over the phone or online. Customers are required to come instore to the location the would like to pick up their order from to book and pay for balloon orders.

    You are able to purchase uninflated balloons from our online store, but this does not include inflation or arrangement services.

  • Do I have to pay for the balloons when I book or when I pick them up?

    Full payment is required when you book your balloons in, prior to inflating the balloons.

  • Can I cancel or change my balloon order?

    Any cancellation or change to a balloon order must be made 48 hours prior to the booked pick up time.

    If a cancellation is required within or after the 48 hours, we are not able to issue a refund.

  • Can I get balloons delivered?

    No, we do not offer a delivery service for standard balloon arrangements or gift deliveries. Our alternative balloon services may suit your needs better. Check out our helium tank hire here, and onsite balloon arrangements here.

  • Can I get balloons purchased from somewhere else inflated at your store?

    Yes you can, however we are not liable to replace the balloon or inflation fee if it is faulty.

  • How long will my balloons last?

    Helium-filled latex balloons last 8 - 10 hours. You can request a HI-FLOAT treatment to extend the float times of helium filled latex balloons.

    Helium-filled foil balloons last up to 3 days looking fully inflated and can float for up to a week. Foil balloons can be touched up with normal air or can be completely refilled.

    Helium-filled bubble balloons float last over a week

    Air-filled latex balloons last up to a week before shrinking.

    Air-filled foil balloons can over a month or more looking fully inflated, and can be touched up and inflated.

    Air-filled bubble balloons last over a month.

    *larger balloons will last longer*

  • What is HI-FLOAT?

    HI-FLOAT balloon treatment is a solution of a plastic material dissolved in water. It forms a coating inside latex balloons that greatly reduces helium or air loss.

    With ULTRA HI-FLOAT, party decorations can be prepared a day ahead of time, and balloon bouquets will float for several days.

    Helium-filled latex balloons float 25 times longer on average with ULTRA HI-FLOAT, and air-filled latex balloons maintain full size for over one month with ULTRA HI-FLOAT.

    HI-FLOAT is very safe. It is nontoxic, non-irritating, noncorrosive, nonflammable and biodegradable. It is similar to the glue on the back of postage stamps.

  • Is the ribbon supplied?

    Yes 1.5m of ribbon is supplied for each balloon being inflated. If you would like longer or shorter ribbon, or would like to arrange a special attachment, please bring it to the attention of the staff booking your order. The cost is included in the 0.60 cent attachment fee charged per balloon attached to a weight. Special attachment fees vary starting at $2.00.

  • What size weight do I need?

    We offer 3 sizes of weights:

    Happy weight ($0.50) - holds 1 standard balloon

    Small weight ($2.00) - holds up to 12 standard balloons

    Large weight ($2.50) - holds up to 25 standard balloons

  • How should I transport my balloon order?

    When booking balloons, please be aware of the sizes and quantity, so you can be prepared with the appropriate transport. Bigger orders may require multiple or bigger vehicles.

    It is also recommended to get a balloon bag per balloon arrangement, to avoid getting arrangements tangled in the wind and with each other.

    NOTE: Do not leave balloons in your car for an extended period of time, the heat will cause balloons to pop.

  • If my balloons pop can I get them replaced?

    We only replace faulty balloons, which are assessed prior to handing off balloon orders. Once balloons have left our premise, we are no longer liable to refund or replace balloons. Unfortunately balloons are subject to their environment and can pop for many reasons.

    You can be careful to not pop your balloon by keeping them in a cool environment, away from sharp objects, cold/hot surfaces and movement/surfaces that charge static electricity.

  • What do I need to pick up a balloon order?

    You need to know the name the order is under, the time it was booked for and to confirm the phone number taken on the balloon order form. You don't have to line up at the counter unless you wish to purchase something else or add to your order. Just walk straight up to the counter and let the staff know you are picking up a balloon order.

    If you are sending someone else to pick up your order they will just need to provide the order name, time and phone number as well.

  • Can I book a helium tank rental ahead of time?

    No we do not book helium tanks ahead of time, or reserve tanks. The rental process must take place at time of pick up, instore.

    If you are concerned that the helium tank size you require will be unavailable, you can call ahead of time and check how many of that size is currently available and when they will be replenished next. The tanks are replenished frequently and are expected to always be in stock.

    If required our Gregory Hills location can order same or next day replenishment of helium tanks.

  • How long is the helium tank hire for?

    Helium tank hires must be returned within 5 days, or you will be charged $10 per day it is not returned. If you are having a problem returning the tank within the 5 days, please contact the store location you had hired from and give notice to wave the late fee.

Halloween & Christmas

  • When is Halloween available in store & online?

    We have the largest Halloween party supplies & decorations range in the country with over 5,000 products to choose from and 3,000 new products every year.

    We source our Halloween supplies from around the world and within Australia. As we receive stock we load it to the website and add it to our stores year round.

    Our new Halloween products are usually arrive and available around September.

  • When is Christmas available in store & online?

    We have been the number 1 Christmas party supplies, decorations, costumes, lighting, novelty & games and more for over 10 years. We have a massive range of Christmas products with over 7,000 Christmas products in store & 4,000 new Christmas products every year.

    We source our Christmas supplies from around the world and within Australia. As we receive stock we load it to the website and add it to our stores.

    We do not have an off season Christmas section currently available at our locations, but it will be available from October - January.