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Shelves & Hooks

Decorative Wall Hooks & Shelves

Shop our Home Decor collection of Shelves & Hooks, instore and online. Australia's largest party store, with fast shipping Australia wide.

At The Base Warehouse, we understand the importance of blending functionality with style in every aspect of your home. That's why our carefully curated selection of shelves and decorative wall hooks is designed to not only provide practical storage solutions, but also to add a touch of personality to your space.

Whether you're organising a cosy corner, setting up a home office or looking to display cherished memorabilia, our range caters to all your needs with a blend of quality, affordability and design.

Functional elegance — Shelves for every style

Our shelves offer a versatile solution to declutter and decorate in one go. From floating designs to traditional, bracketed options, there's something for everyone. These pieces are perfect for showcasing books, plants and decor, transforming any wall into a focal point of your room.

With The Base Warehouse's commitment to quality assurance, you can trust in the durability and quality of each piece.

Hooks — The perfect blend of utility and design

The Base Warehouse's selection of hooks is equally impressive, providing helpful solutions for hanging coats, hats and accessories while contributing to your home's overall decor. Our range includes simple, understated designs for a minimalist approach, as well as decorative wall hooks that can serve as statement pieces.

These hooks are not just functional; they're a way to express your personal style and keep your space organised and inviting.

Why shop at The Base Warehouse

Choosing The Base Warehouse for your home essentials means selecting a retailer dedicated to quality, variety and affordability. Our extensive range of products, including the wall shelf and hooks collection, is carefully curated to meet the diverse needs and tastes of our customers.

We enhance your lifestyle through thoughtful, stylish and useful home accessories. With our competitive prices and a focus on both trendy and functional items, we ensure every purchase is a step towards creating the home of your dreams.

Ready to organise your space?

Discover the perfect wall shelf and hooks for your home at The Base Warehouse. Our diverse collection offers stylish and practical solutions tailored to every need and aesthetic.

Don't wait to transform your space — explore more of our products designed to enrich your living spaces today. With our affordable prices and commitment to quality, The Base Warehouse is your go-to destination for all things essential.