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Traditional Christmas Must-Haves


There is 33 days left before Christmas 2021! Woohooo! If you've known The Base Warehouse for a while then you know we take this time of the year very seriously... I mean it is the most beautiful time of the year after all - and our stores definitely light up during this time (& yes, we do strongly encourage for you to come and see it for yourself!) 

Now... nothing screams traditional Christmas decor more than mixing the colors red and green together, adding touches of gold or furthermore getting some adorable nut cracker tree ornaments

Wether you're looking to decorate your home using the traditional approach or perhaps would like something a bit more edgy or girly - The Base Warehouse can help you achieve your perfect Christmas decor goal. 

For this specific article we have decided to share a list of traditional Christmas decor must-haves, therefore if that is the vibe you'd like to go for simply use the list we have curated below as your perfect guide for a traditional Christmas decor... 

Also make sure to stay tuned for more Christmas articles coming your way very soon! & if you haven't already we strongly encourage our customers to join our newsletter for weekly updates. 



Xmas Candy Tree Ornament - 30cm

12 Pack Wooden Soldiers Ornaments - 20cm x 30cm

Polyresin Angle Tree Decoration - 14.3cm